Gluten and Behavior Author Guest Post by Jax Peters Lowell


Photo credit: fractl from Grant’s cousin discovered she had Celiac disease a few years ago. Once she gave up those foods that contain gluten, she lost about 30 lbs. and she looks and feels fantastic! I am currently looking into a gluten free bread option that I can live with. If giving up gluten […]

How to Create a Great Bedtime Ritual


I could have used these tips for creating a great bedtime ritual when my two were little. I breast fed them both for about four to six months each. We ended up becoming  co-sleepers because  as a breast feeding mom, it was so convenient! Of course, I loved those days, snuggling with my boys. BUT, […]

Make-A-Wish Families – The Faces of Hope and Inspiration Guest Post Rachelle Sparks


Today’s guest post is by Rachelle Sparks, author of Once Upon a Wish – True Inspirational Stories of Make-A-Wish Children. Enter to win a copy of this excellent book here. Make-A-Wish Families – The Faces of Hope and Inspiration Moms are busy. We are changing diapers, running errands, picking up, dropping off, cooking, cleaning, planning……. […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Book Review by Laura Brown


I’ve written several book reviews on this blog and I know I am guilty of the the first two don’ts – “Don’t fall into the trap of summarizing the book”, which is how my reviews can tend to go on too long – which brings me to don’t number 1 – “Don’t go on too […]

4 Reasons Why Action Trumps Overthinking: Moving Forward in Life is Our Only Option


Do you tend to overthink a lot? I often have ideas for things I could be doing with my life and then this voice in my head will talk me right out of it. This is not very productive or creative, I know! That’s why Bob Miglani’s article really struck a chord with me. If […]


The following is a guest post by Jennifer Graham, Author of Honey Do You Need a Ride? Confessions of a Fat Runner. There once was a time when coaches could talk overweight people into running by asking “Have you ever seen a fat runner?” That time is past. As anyone who’s run a road race […]

Soccer Practice, Music Lessons, Homework, and Writing too? Yes!


The following is a guest post by Laurie Zupan Smilowitz, M.F.A., author of Writer, Writer, Words on Fire. This post is not sponsored. Soccer Practice, Music Lessons, Homework, and Writing too? Yes! by Laurie Zupan Smilowitz, M.F.A. It’s never been more important for our young children to learn how to communicate well. Think of all […]

Cat and Dog for President Children’s eBook Review and Author Guest Post


Guest Post from Author Julia Dweck What inspired you to write Cat or Dog for President? Our nation is not an ordinary one given its ethnically diverse population and rich history that have contributed vitally to the shaping of twenty-first century culture in America. As a nation committed to maintaining freedom and opportunities for all, different talents […]

Recipe Guest Post by Harry Papas Mediterranean Chickpea Salad


The following is a recipe by certified dietician and bestselling author Harry Papas. Harry Papas is the author of the best-selling book  Slimmer – The Mediterranean Way to Lose Weight.  Visit this post to enter to win a copy of Slimmer! The above is an excerpt from the book Slimmer: The New Mediterranean Way to Lost […]

How to Prevent Getting a Bad Haircut Author Guest Post by Kimberly Llewellyn


When I was about 14 or 15,  I decided I wanted to get a perm. The lady up the street operated a salon out of her house and my friend, who lived next door to her, recommended that I have her do it. The results were ghastly. I ended up with big, fried hair and […]