Wordless Wednesday Blizzard of 2015 #WW


Over here, in central MA, we are currently being hit by the Blizzard of 2015! We have at least a foot of snow on the ground, but honestly, I am not running out there to measure. It’s been snowing since about 4:00 yesterday and that’s right about when it will finally stop today. Two feet, […]

Wordless Wednesday Tom Brady – He Can’t Even…..#WW


If you follow football at all, you would know that the Patriots won last Saturday’s game and it was a VERY CLOSE win. If they win this Sunday’s game against the Colts, they are off to the Superbowl! There are a lot of Tom Brady haters out there and that’s fine. I am a Patriots […]

Wordless Wednesday Another Visit to the Animal Shelter #WW


This is my second post about a second visit to the local animal shelter. We are volunteers with ACE (Animal Care and Education) in central MA. Ryan gets to spend some time with the animals. We can’t have any because of allergies. I am not sure who gets more out of it, Ryan or the […]

Wordless Wednesday Before and After Kitchen Photos #WW


If it seems like months ago that I shared some kitchen remodel pictures with you, that’s because it was! It was back in October that the guys started taking our old cabinets out. I am happy to report that all is now finished. The process was disruptive and stressful, but really worth it. I love […]

Wordless Wednesday Gingerbread House #WW


The excitement is building. These two have been home since last Friday and they are crazy with excitement. They stopped bouncing off the walls long enough to construct this gingerbread house. It won’t be long now. Christmas Eve is tomorrow night! Oh boy, to be a kid again!!!!!!! Merry Christmas! An InLinkz Link-up Post Footer […]

Wordless Wednesday Rescue Readers at The Animal Shelter #WW


We can’t have pets due to allergies and asthma, but Ryan loves dogs and cats – cats in particular. I found out about a program called ACE which stands for Animal Care and Education. ACE Central Massachusetts is a non-profit organization of volunteers dedicated to the care of animals in need. They are committed to […]

Wordless Wednesday Parade and Tree Lighting #WW


Last Friday night we braved the below freezing temperatures to attend the parade and tree lighting in our little town. We ran into my friend Cheryl and her family just before the parade started. When you live in a small town, you can expect a small (but cute!) parade. Not a bad thing on a […]

Wordless Wednesday Sledding in November #WW


It’s really no big deal to go sledding in November, considering a few years ago, we had a big snowstorm in October! In fact, the kids trick-or-treated just after that snow storm. Anyway, no one was happier about the snow in November than these two. We have the perfect driveway for it – it’s not […]

Wordless Wednesday Kitchen Remodel Even More Progess #WW


It’s been just about a month and the kitchen is nearly finished. It was worth every minute of tripping over (and living out of) boxes and bins and doing dishes in the bathroom sink. I love the new granite counter tops, the soft close cabinets and my new stainless steel sink. There are nine drawers, […]