Wordless Wednesday 50 Shades of Grey DVD at the Library #WW


Look what I found at my local library! I couldn’t just leave this fairly new DVD there on the shelf. I checked it out as the boys were leaving so they didn’t see it. The librarian said she would, “Put it in a brown paper bag for me.” You never know what you’ll find at […]

Wordless Wednesday Hatching Our Own Eggs #WW


Yes, we are hatching our own eggs – at least that is the plan! Ryan’s fifth grade class incubated some chicken eggs this spring. The hatched about a dozen little chicks! He really really really really really wanted to try this one at home. Rather than buy an incubator, Grant went online and made his […]

Wordless Wednesday Off to Nature’s Classroom Again #WW


Ryan is spending a week in Freedom, NH at Nature’s Classroom Camp Cody with the fifth grade classes – 89 students. He left Monday and will return on Friday. This is his first time away from family for this many nights. We already miss him – but what a wonderful experience I know he is […]

Wordless Wednesday Citizen of the Month #WW


James was selected as one of six “citizens of the month” of his 7th grade class. Here’s the rationale: He is in marching band, regular band, jazz band, and signed up for select choir this year. He had a major roll in the school play, played basketball and his team won the championship, is now […]

Wordless Wednesday Horseback Riding Lesson #WW


Over the school vacation, I took the boys horseback riding. The stable is Contry Hill Farm in Mason, NH. The instruction at this stable is hands on. Included in the lesson, is how to care for horses. It was a great experience. Here is James with China, the horse that I rode. Before tacking up, […]

Wordless Wednesday Adopt This Angry Cat #WW


This is Carmela at our local animal shelter. She gives “Angry Cat” a run for his money with that face. If looks could kill………… Not to worry, she wasn’t angry for long. Just tired. She is up for adoption. About Carmela From the Gardner Animal Shelter – Carmela came to us in late January after […]