Wordless Wednesday Snidely Whiplash #WW


Snidely Whiplash is the archenemy of Dudley Do Right and appeared in the Dudley Do Right Series of the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. The show aired 1959-1964. Before I was born – I am not THAT old. Anyway, Ryan had his face painted at the fair recently and a Facebook friend pointed out that he […]

Wordless Wednesday Band Camp #WW


James has signed up for Marching Band! He has played the trumpet since the third grade. As an incoming seventh grader, he is able to join his middle school/high school marching band – the Marching Spartans. When a student signs up for marching band, they must attend a one week long, very intense, overnight band […]

Wordless Wednesday Rock-a-Bye Chicken #WW


When you raise hens from little chicks and hold them and squeeze them and name them boys names like Tico, Johnny, Jeffery and Cooper, they tend to enjoy that bond throughout their lives. Here is Ryan snuggling with Jeffery (a hen).  To think they give us eggs too! An InLinkz Link-up Post Footer automatically generated […]

Wordless Wednesday Harry Potter Scavenger Hunt #WW


My son James is so creative and he certainly doesn’t get it from me! For his younger brother Ryan’s birthday, he invented a very elaborate Harry Potter scavenger hunt complete with a Quidditch Game, Basilisk, Ollivanders Wands and EEylops Owl Emporium and of course presents at nearly every step. Here is a recap in pictures […]

Wordless Wednesday Blueberries on Blood Hill #WW


Just one street behind us there is this hiking trail that goes up to “Blood Hill”. We decided to investigate on Sunday with the boys. It was a 2.5 mile hike up in the heat, but we were rewarded with beautiful views, nice cool breezes and lots and lots of wild blueberries. I only wish […]

Wordless Wednesday Bread Eater by Day Death Eater by Night #WW


James is enjoying a piece of homemade bread (recipe to follow) midday – thus the term “Bread Eater”. I should mention that both boys are into Harry Potter lately. We went to Michael’s to buy some craft supplies and James saw these plain masquerade masks ($5) and immediately thought “Death Eater!” In just a short […]

Wordless Wednesday Beautiful Beluga Whales #WW


We went to the Mystic Aquarium last Friday and had a wonderful time. I took so many pictures of the Beluga whales. They were so fun to watch! Check out my recap and review here. Just had to share this quick video too. Watch this clever whale trick! An InLinkz Link-up Post Footer automatically generated […]

Wordless Wednesday First Day at the Lake #WW


The weather was beautiful over the weekend! We headed to the lake on Sunday to enjoy the water. They are just getting things ready for the season. We have a membership to use the facilities. We love it because we are able to use the canoes and kayaks and of course swim, swim, swim. The […]