Wordless Wednesday Groundhogs and Bill Murray #WW


The little groundhog had been coming to visit us in the mornings. Did you know that “woodchuck” is another name for a ground hog? (I thought they were two different animals!) Seeing this ground hog, got me to thinking about the movie Ground Hog Day and comedian actor Bill Murray. Caddy Shack and Stripes are […]

Wordless Wednesday Well Feed Ducks #WW


We went to the Old Mill restaurant in Westminster for lunch recently. Its an old 1700s era sawmill converted into a restaurant. It has been in operation for over 60 years. Just to right of the restaurant is a very quaint duck pond. Kids can go inside and get sticky buns to feed to the […]

Wordless Wednesday Off to Band Camp Again! #WW


It’s that time of year that marching band kids head off to camp. They attend a one week mandatory overnight camp practicing their music and marching for hours each day. Today, Ryan and I stopped by the camp to watch them practice in the rain. James was in good spirits – hooting and hollering as […]

Wordless Wednesday Drama Camp #WW


James recently attended a two week drama camp at the local community college. At the end of the two weeks, the group put on a performance for the parents called “Tall Tales.” They did such a great job! In one skit, James played a very loud and mean “Bully Bob.” He also provided the height […]

Wordless Wednesday Amazing Men’s Haircuts #WW


So far my two boys are pretty traditional with their haircuts. I was aware that some boys their age get the occasional number or team name cut into their hair, but these hair cuts? These are in a class by themselves! and my personal favorite – Which one is your favorite? An InLinkz Link-up Post […]

Wordless Wednesday Summer Learning #WW


Ryan went to 1/2 day horse camp. There was a lot of summer learning going on! Learning to ride. Ryan is riding China and my friend Cheryl’s daughter Eva is riding Fluff. (I love that name!)   Learning to braid. At the start of horse camp, the counselors have the kids do a little activity. […]

(Not so) Wordless Wednesday James is Building a Gaming PC #WW


James is currently building his own gaming PC with Grant. Here is a bit about that from Grant – So we decided to build a “gaming pc”! James enjoys video games and he has been using Steam online. Steam is an online store for pc gamers. A couple of his friends use it. This seemed […]

Wordless Wednesday Mountain Biking! #WW


James had a chance to try mountain biking last week. I mean real mountain biking – down Snowshed mountain at Killington, VT! This was his instructor John Lamb. He said it was scary, that he had the sensation that he was going to fall, but didn’t. Now he can’t wait to try it again. Have […]

Wordless Wednesday Meet Lucky the Chick #WW


A couple of weeks ago I posted about our eggs that we were attempting to hatch. Just yesterday morning “Lucky” slowly emerged from his/her shell. The process took several hours. There are four eggs left that we are waiting to hatch. By Thursday, if nothing else hatches, we will know they didn’t survive. We have […]

Wordless Wednesday 50 Shades of Grey DVD at the Library #WW


Look what I found at my local library! I couldn’t just leave this fairly new DVD there on the shelf. I checked it out as the boys were leaving so they didn’t see it. The librarian said she would, “Put it in a brown paper bag for me.” You never know what you’ll find at […]