Wordless Wednesday 13 Thanksgiving Dinners #WW

Out of nowhere, they came and we were blessed with 13 Thanksgiving Dinners!

_DSC0211There is one of us that doesn’t like eating turkey…………

_DSC0214and would rather chase them out of the yard -every last one of them!


Do you get wild turkeys in your yard?

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    LOL! We get random groups of turkeys in our yard sometimes, too. My kids love to chase them, too!

  2. says

    We’ve only had them a few times, but they look so unlike my concept of “turkey” (The Thanksgiving kind) I didn’t know what they were at first!

  3. Nancy says

    Wow – you’d think they’d be hiding out this time of year ! Guess they don’t realize it is November – LOL!

  4. Beth Hill says

    Made me laugh! Yes, I have pictures with almost the same head count! More the last 2 years than we have ever had in the past.

  5. says

    Nor here I’m in central London but i do like turkey dinners, had to larf at them being rushed away so they don’t get caught heheh!

    Have a turkeytastic weekend :-)

  6. Janet W. says

    We’ve never had a wild turkey in our yard, but believe it or not, closer to Atlanta we’ve seen them before.

  7. Debbie Welchert says

    We live in town but sometimes one will be in our backyard and we just leave her alone. She doesn’t bother anything or anyone and she just goes away. I have ate wild turkey before and I would rather have store bought turkey.

  8. says

    We saw one in our neighbors yard about 2 years ago. It was such an odd thing, we had to stop and take photos. Had no idea what it was at the time. Just thought it was a huge bird because we like right by the toll road in a very populated area. Turkeys never make an appearance here!

  9. Patricia says

    I’ve heard about seeing wild turkeys in the yard, but I’ve never seen them. That was an impressive group!

  10. Denise Taylor-Dennis says

    How funny we definitely don’t get turkeys in our area, we do have a lot of rabbits and an occasional coyote.

  11. Rosie says

    There are areas in my area where wild turkeys show up, even in town at the library! It is always fun to see them!

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