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  Liz Vaccariello, author of  New York Times bestselling book The Digest Diet Coobook, has written a new diet plan called 21-Day Tummy. This book is a fun, easy guide to healthy eating and weight loss that will have a smaller, healthier you feeling better than, possibly ever! One Moms Own Words reader will win a copy of 21-Day Tummy!

Based on the latest science, the 21-Day Tummy diet targets excess weight and belly fat while addressing the most common digestive disorders.

We love to eat but that doesn’t mean our stomachs always enjoy digesting what we put in them. Add to this the fact that our nation is heavier than it’s ever been, and it’s clear that our tummies don’t just need to function better, they need to be smaller. In general, smaller stomachs digest food more effectively, and that’s why dropping the pounds isn’t just a matter of vanity but of health.

Featuring carb-light, anti-inflammatory foods, the 21-Day Tummy eating plan slashes inches from your belly (up to 4 ½ inches!) while banishing gas and bloating, heartburn and acid relux, constipation, diarrhea, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

 Reader’s Digest 21 Day Tummy Book Review

On the 21 Day Tummy Meal plan you cleanse your system of difficult-to-digest foods, which should soothe your gut and shrink your tummy. The process of adding them back in slowly, one by one, should help you to determine which foods are the “bullies” and how you should handle them, if not avoid them altogether.

The book has testimonials or “Tales of Tummy Testers” which I always enjoy reading. It’s inspiring to read about others who have had success losing weight on the program.

The book is well organized with food lists, recipes and daily menus. This layout is perfect for those who like a diet plan that is very specific on what foods to eat and in which combinations.

I tried the Bellie Soother Smoothie recipe. This recipe is a key component to the 21 day Tummy plan. I finally bought Chia Seeds to try and used them in this recipe. The smoothie was very good and the recipe includes several different combinations of fruits, Magnesium and Fiber boosters as well as MUFAS (monounsaturated fatty acids).

I consider myself lucky. I do not have any digestive issues. In fact, I have an iron stomach. For me to lose weight, I know what I have to do – eat less and move more. This book is an interesting read with wonderful recipes that can be utilized for any diet plan, really. I will be making the Summer Squash Gratin and Chipotle Veggie Burgers.

I think this book would be an excellent resource for those that have digestive issues and who would like to lose weight. Readers Digest has taken the results of the latest scientific studies and medical research on weight loss and digestive issues and presented it in this “easy to digest” format. :)

About Reader’s Digest 21 Day Tummy

In addition, 21-Day Tummy includes:

  • 50 scrumptious recipes such as Tomato-Ginger Flank Steak and Almost Pumpkin Mini Pies.
  • A Digestion Quiz to help you measure your overall digestive health
  • Tips on how to combat the Four S’s — Supersizing, Sitting, Stress, and Sleep Deprivation.
  • Inspirational stories and advice from our successful test panelists. Our top tester dropped 19 pounds in 21 days and completely stopped taking medications for acid reflux.
  • An optional equipment-free workout plan that helps to both sculpt and soothe your belly with a mix of core strengthening, walking, and yoga.
  • Guidelines on how to incorporate potentially problematic foods back into your life so you are never deprived of your favorite foods.

21-Day Tummy
The Revolutionary Diet That Soothes and Shrinks Any Belly Fast
By Liz Vaccariello, author of the New York Times bestseller, The Digest Diet, with Kate Scarlata, RD
Published by Reader’s Digest
Hardcover: 320 pages
December 26, 2013; $25.99 US/ $27.99 CAN; 9781621451112

 Other Reviews

“Compared to other diets, the weight loss of the 21-Day Tummy diet was much quicker. I stopped taking prescription heartburn medication, and I did not need it once. My acid reflux is completely gone.”
— Rob McMahon, who lost 19 pounds in 21 days

“It works! I feel so much less bloated after this diet. I love the changes in my belly and in how my clothes fit.”
— Sabrina Ng, who lost 6 pounds in the first phase of the diet-only 5 days!

“My digestion definitely improved. I have more energy, and I feel less sluggish. I’m just happier all around.”
— Gregg Roth, who lost 4% belly inches in 21 days

“What a difference. I lost 10 pounds and finally deflated my tummy!”
— Liz Vaccariello, who wrote this book!

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Reader’s Digest 21 Day Tummy Book Giveaway

One Mom’s Own Words reader will win a copy of 21-Day Tummy.

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  1. says

    What caught my interest was when they said “like the body’s inability to feel full after a meal”. I have this problem way too often. It would be interesting to see if this diet could help with this problem.

  2. says

    There is a 21-day tracker app for iPhone and android phones to assist you, too. And, the standard disclaimer “People following a sensible calorie-restricted diet and exercise program like The 21-Day Tummy can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week with exercise.”, which is the healthy way to lose weight.

  3. Patricia says

    I like that it is practical and there is an app that is able to help you as well. This is perfect to start off the year.

  4. Marisa May says

    I like that it isn’t a fad diet; it’s an all-around program to help identify triggers, behaviors, and change bad habits and foods, and get your body into healthier shape.

  5. Kris I. says

    I learned that All of the food you’ll eat was specially selected for its power to reduce chronic inflammation and balance out gut flora – the good bacteria that keeps things running like clockwork.

  6. Michelle H. says

    I learned that they also have you use yoga stretches to help with the digestive issues.

  7. D Blasingame says

    I do need to lose some weight for my health. But was so excited to read about this book as I have horrible problems with my indigestion. It would be wonderful to find some relief and comfort again. Don’t know if I can wait to see if I win a book in the drawing, may order now in search of my miracle.

  8. says

    Can’t wait to try the latest research to help shrink my belly and calm my digestive track by following the plan and slowing introducing foods back into my diet. I want to discover my problem foods. Liz Vaccariello is an author you can trust to deliver sound advice. I followed “The Digest Diet”, also by Liz, and had great results.

  9. Beth R says

    I’m interested in the fact that this book explains gut flora. I’ve been looking for something like this.

  10. says

    I have kids with indigestion issues and my own issues with indigestion. I immediately noticed that it helps promote the good flora and helps you avoid indigestion.

  11. autumn grace says

    It soothes your stomach & shrinks the waistline at the same time……Now that sounds like a plan of action…..TY

  12. says

    I learned that every recipe is created using 4 special food rules: more magnesium-rich foods, more anti-inflammatory fats, fewer carb-dense foods, and fewer FODMAP foods (a common cause of gas and bloating)

  13. Carly W says

    I’m on a Low FODMAP diet and have heard that this book would be great for ideas etc. Would love to win a copy xoxo

  14. Sarah Conklin says

    I like that this focuses on digestive troubles, not just dropping weight quickly. I need to lose weight, but I need to not feel like crap more.

  15. says

    Francesca Repetto
    Have high hopes for this plan, need/want to clear up digestion issues. SO disappointed though, first day and the shake gave me heartburn!??? So confused!

  16. kristi maloney says

    Hi Francesca,

    I would definitely try another combination – the recipe includes
    several different combinations of fruits, Magnesium and Fiber boosters
    as well as MUFAS (monounsaturated fatty acids).

    I would suggest tweeting the author –

    Liz Vaccariello @LizVacc and see if she has any suggestions.

    Thanks for your comment!


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