Giveaway: Tickets to the Top of the Rock Rockefeller Plaza NYC and $50 AMEX Gift Card 12/31


This giveaway prize is being offered by Rockefeller Center and Hudson Park.

Wouldn’t it be nice to start the New Year with plans for a trip to NYC? My first stop for Sightseeing in NYC would have to be the Top of the Rock! The Top of the Rock Observation Deck, Rockefeller Center is located at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in NYC.  Soar 70 floors high and experience 3 viewing decks and the exhilarating joy of unobstructed 360º city views from Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center. From the sweeping green of Central Park to the thrilling city skyline, nowhere else can you see New York so spectacularly!


Top of the Rock observation deck 70 floors up at Rockefeller Plaza in NYC

One Moms Own Words reader will win two tickets to the Top of the Rock observation deck 70 floors up at Rockefeller Plaza in NYC and a $50 AMEX gift card in addition to the tickets, so the lucky winner can also have a great experience at one of the shops or restaurants on the plaza or anywhere in Manhattan!


Spectacular view from Top of the Rock


Rockefeller Plaza

About Rockefeller Center

The observation deck at Rockefeller Center is an amazing location forsightseeing in NYC. Experience breathtaking views, 70 floors up, of Central Park and the gorgeous city skyline. Before or after your visit, walk the Rockefeller Center Plaza, which has some of the best shopping in New York City. Use the $50 provided by Hudson Park to buy yourself something cool or fashionable, or have a wonderful meal with your family or loved ones.


Overlooking Rockefeller Plaza

About Hudson Park

Hudson Park is a complex of Apartments in Yonkers, NY with beautiful views, spacious living, and easy commutes to Manhattan for work or entertainment.


Hudson Park


Yonkers, NY

 Buy It

Tickets to the Top of the Rock are $27 each for adults. Click here to see all of the ticket buying options.

Giveaway: Tickets to the Top of the Rock Rockefeller Plaza NYC and $50 AMEX Gift Card

One Moms Own Words reader will win two tickets to the Top of the Rock observation deck 70 floors up at Rockefeller Plaza in NYC and a $50 AMEX gift card! The gift card is sponsored by Hudson Park, an apartment complex located in Yonkers, New York.

**Please note – The tickets have an expiration date on them 6 months from issuance, however, the sponsor will provide additional tickets upon request to replace unused ones.

Giveaway ends on Dec. 31, 11:59 PM EST. Open to US. Winners (18 or older) will be chosen by through Rafflecopter and contacted by email. Please respond in 48 hours or a new winner will be chosen. To be fair to everyone, comments not meeting requirements will be deleted. Thank you for entering and good luck!!

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    1. 1
      Sharon Rooney says:

      I would love to go into all of the shops.

    2. 2

      I would love to see the Christmas tree in person.

    3. 3

      I would want to see the fountainhead figures in the channel gardens!

    4. 4

      I would love to go iceskating!

      Entered the rafflecopter as “Wild orchid”

      Thanks for the chance to win!
      wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

    5. 5

      I would like to skate at the ice rink.

    6. 6

      Visited the site and I would love to visit the TOP OF THE ROCK® OBSERVATION DECK

    7. 7

      I would love to shoe shopping and visit the Channel Gardens.

    8. 8

      I would like to go skating at the rink.

    9. 9

      I would like to visit THE RINK AT ROCKEFELLER CENTER

    10. 10

      I would go ice skating at the rink and the grab a bite to eat and of course do some shopping!

    11. 11

      I’d love to watch the ice skaters (I don’t skate myself).

    12. 12

      Id love to ice skate, shop at the awesome shops they have, and eat at the Chipotle! Thanks for the giveaway!!

    13. 13

      I want to go ice skating at The Rink at Rockefeller

    14. 14

      I’ve always wanted to go ice skating and see the huge Christmas tree

    15. 15
      steve weber says:

      I want to see the huge Christmas tree.

    16. 16

      I want to eat at Bouchon Bakery!

    17. 17

      I would love to go iceskating and then check out the art exhibits in Midtown!

    18. 18

      i would love to someday go to the tree lighting

    19. 19

      a family picture in front of the Christmas tree!

    20. 20

      go ice skating!

    21. 21
      Thomas Murphy says:

      I want to see the The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.

    22. 22
      Kortney Nelson says:

      Ice Skating would be nice!

    23. 23

      id love to see their Christmas Tree

    24. 24

      I would like to see the Christmas tree and do some shopping

    25. 25
      Jennifer B says:

      I would love to go in jan. and see the channel gardens in bloom

    26. 26

      I’d love to enjoy the Rockefeller Center’s Channel Gardens.

    27. 27
      Audra O'Hara says:

      I’ve never been, but it sounds fun. I’ve always wanted to see the Rockefeller Christmas tree in person.

    28. 28

      I would love to see the CHANNEL GARDENS

    29. 29

      I would love to go shopping and ice skating!

    30. 30

      Well ice skating of course, or should I say ice falling!

    31. 31
      Jill A. Collins says:

      I am a Philly girl that spent tons of time in NYC when I lived back East. Rockefeller Center is amazing – fantastic restaurants, ice skating, NBC studios – my husband has always wanted to see NYC – this would be a great excuse to go!

    32. 32

      I would love to see the skating rink, the tree and Radio City Music Hall.

    33. 33

      I’d love to try ice skating at the big rink.

    34. 34

      I’d have a steak dinner and then go ice skating at the rink.

    35. 35

      I’ve seen the tree before but would love to go ice skating

    36. 36
      Sara Wagner says:

      I would like to take one of their tours of the building. It looks like fun.

    37. 37

      I want to visit The Rink at Rockefeller Center.

    38. 38
      Adrienne gordon says:

      Love to go skating there.

    39. 39
      robyn paris says:

      i would like to see the christmas tree and the ice skating

    40. 40

      I have been a lot of places but never been to NYC. I have always wanted to go. I want to go to the Holocaust Museum and go to Rockerfeller Center.

    41. 41
      Margaret Smith says:

      I’d love to see the ice skaters and the Christmas tree.

    42. 42

      The Christmas Tree w/ the people Ice Skating. :) My favorite.

    43. 43
      Mary Casper says:

      we would go ice skating

    44. 44

      I would love to go ice skating!

    45. 45

      I would love to see the Rockefeller Plaza Christmas tree.

    46. 46

      I’d go to the observation deck first thing!

    47. 47
      erica best says:

      i love the go the
      Crabtree & Evelyn store

    48. 48
      Katie Roch says:

      I would love to ice skate at Rockefeller Center.

    49. 49
      Kelly Nicholson says:

      Please visit Rockefeller Center and browse some of the things to do and see on your visit.

      believe it or not..its easier to see the empire state building than is you were on the street 2 blocks away

    50. 50

      I would like to take the NBC Studio Tours

    51. 51

      I would love to also check out the wonderful restaurants nearby and have a nice lunch somewhere!

    52. 52
      christine jessamine says:

      I would love to go shopping

    53. 53

      I want to take an NBC Studios Tour

    54. 54

      I would take an NBC studios tour with my mom

    55. 55

      I would like to iceskate

    56. 56

      I would love to see the Channel Gardens!

    57. 57

      I’d love to go ice skating, mostly just because I’ve seen it in so many movies and TV shows.

    58. 58
      Paol Trenny says:

      I would like to ice skate and see the Christmas tree

    59. 59

      I’d like the rockpass tour.

    60. 60

      ice skating at the rink

    61. 61

      I’d like to shop @ Onassis clothing

    62. 62
      maria jose angulo says:


    63. 63

      I would like to dine at Brasserie Ruhlmann

    64. 64

      I would love to go shopping and dining of course!

    65. 65
      Amanda Bumgarner says:

      With being a mother of 4 children, we don’t get out EVER..SO ( 1 having Autism) It would be a dream come true to be able to take my husband to NYC and experience IT ALL. First on my list would be to take him to see the TOP OF THE ROCK AND ROCKAFELLAR PLAZA. This is a wonderful giveaway for anyone to even be considered for. Thank you..Truly!

    66. 66

      my son would love the nbc tour.

    67. 67

      i would eat and of course go shopping everywhere! that would be my major “thing” to do

    68. 68
      amy pugmire says:

      I’ve always wanted to go ice skating!!

    69. 69

      I’d love to go ice skating at Rockefeller plaza.

    70. 70

      i’d love ot go ice skating as well as see the big huge christmas tree!

    71. 71

      Ive always wanted to go skating there!

    72. 72

      Love to see the Prometheus sculpture as well as of course shop! Thanks for the giveaway.

    73. 73
      Stephanie Larison says:

      Ice skating with the family would be fun.

    74. 74

      The skating rink would be fun.

    75. 75

      I’d like to check out the Channel Gardens. They look pretty!

    76. 76

      I would love to see Christmas tree and Santa Claus
      Thank You

    77. 77

      I’d love to visit the Observation Deck!

    78. 78

      I want to go ICE SKATING! On my bucket list of things to do :)

    Leave a Reply