Wordless Wednesday Tasting Lobster for the First Time #WW

When in Maine, James tried fried clam strips and fish and chips for the first time. I don’t care for seafood, so I never cook it. My Mother-in-Law Gerene loves seafood and loves to see the kids try new things. She surprised the boys after brunch with a couple of cooked lobsters and some raw oysters.


“Today, you will try lobster!”


and the face says it all!

lobster6James said, “If it was fried, I would try it again.” LOL That’s the American way! Batter it! Fry it! Love it! :)

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  1. says

    Okay, that is a very funny series of photos. I do like seafood, but had never had lobster until we went out to Red Lobster for our first anniversary. Not too bad, but not something I need to have.

  2. says

    Ooh, I love lobster. That’s funny, because other than shrimp, I hate seafood. Never tried it fried, but bet it would be scrumptious that way too :)

  3. says

    Funny, I don’t like seafood, either, so I won’t cook it – but every now and then my 6 year old will order fish & chips while we are out. I don’t know where he learned to like it, but I’m glad he can get it at restaurants because I won’t make it for him at home LOL.

  4. Dreena says

    I love lobster and so does my son! While i have never prepared it at home (just couldn’t!!), we do order it at a restaurant on occasion. When we went to Maine, i think we had it everyday in some form – yumm lobster rolls!

  5. Rosie says

    How adorable! I’m cracking up here! Fry anything! Guess they are too young to appreciate lobster! But how nice of a gesture! I love lobster, and I won’d try raw oysters!!!

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