Flaunt your Dishes with Cascade Platinum Pacs #MyPlatinum #Sponsored Review

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Cascade. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.


Cascade has recently launched Cascade Platinum, the best clean available from Cascade. With its premium formula, Cascade Platinum allows you to flaunt your dishes with confidence! It can even help prevent hard-water film build-up on your machine, so your dishes won’t be the only thing sparkling. I received Cascade Platinum Pacs for this review.

Cascade Platinum Pacs Review

I use my dishwasher every single day of the year. Some members of my extended family like to hand wash dishes.  I will avoid that at all costs. If I can cram it into the dishwasher, it goes in!

Years ago, I would use the liquid detergents and as soon as these little tablets and pacs came along, I tried them. I didn’t have the best luck with the tablets, they would leave streaks on my glasses and particles of food behind on my plates – even when pre-rinsing plates. I tend to pre-rinse plates all-the-time. I just can’t see throwing a plate with a gob of ketchup on it into the dishwasher.

Prior to trying the Cascade Platinum Pacs, I noticed that my dishwasher had an unpleasant odor. How can my dishes be getting clean, when the inside of the dishwasher smelled like that?

When, I saw a commercial for Cascade Platinum and the ad indicated that it was not only the “ultimate clean for dishes” it would “even help to keep Dishwasher sparkling.” Bingo! I just had to try it.  I mean, why use an extra product to clean your dishwasher, when you can use the Cascade Platinum to clean the dishes AND the inside of the dishwasher??


This is definitely an upgrade from those tablets. The Cascade Platinum has the cleaning power of the Cascade powder with the grease fighting power of Dawn Detergent. This combo. cleans my dishes well and leaves the inside of the dishwasher smelling fresh and clean too. I love the clean lemon scent of my dishwasher after using the Cascade Platinum Lemon Burst scent and will absolutely continue to use the Cascade Platinum Pacs.


About Cascade Platinum Pacs

Cascade Platinum delivers the following benefits:

  •     Eliminates the need to pre-rinse dishes
  •     Scrubs away tough 24 hour stuck-on food
  •     Delivers exceptional dishware shine
  •     Helps maintain the look of new machines and prevents additional hard-water film buildup

I take the occasional picture of plated meals and desserts for recipes that I share, and it is important that my dishes  and silverware look sparkling clean.  I wonder if Gail Simmons would approve of my sparkling clean glass plate and spot free silverware in the image below?


Top Chef Judge Gail Simmons Partners with Cascade

Now, more than ever, people eat with their eyes, and the evidence is all over sites like Facebook and Instagram. With that in mind, Top Chef judge and editor of Food+Wine magazine, Gail Simmons, has partnered with Cascade to discuss why presentation is just as important as preparation.

    • From prep to plating: It’s more than just a great-­‐tasting recipe, but also perfect presentation. Sparkling dishes, shining flat ware and spot-­‐free glasses truly let you put your best food forward with culinary creations that pop!
    • Gail recommends impressing with a Platinum Presentation: “The easiest recipes pop with unexpected, gourmet presentations. Drizzle bright sauces on sparkling white plates or layer desserts in crystal-­‐clean glassware. Keep your presentation sparkling with Cascade Platinum, which keeps dishes perfect for anytime entertaining and impromptu guests.”


#MyPlatinum Instagram Contest

To celebrate the release of the Cascade Platinum Pacs cascade is holding a “My Platinum” contest on Instagram. It’s a four week contest that encourages fans to upload pictures related to the weekly contest theme.

If you have not joined Instagram yet, now is the perfect time to join!  Each week in the My Platinum Contest, two contestants will be selected to receive a brand new Whirlpool dishwasher and one grand prize winner will win a Platinum Kitchen Makeover!

To win, simply sign up for the My Platinum Contest on the Instagram landing page, upload your photo to Instagram and please be sure to include both the #MyPlatinum hashtag and tag @MyCascade in your entries to the contest!

Participants that have not registered will be disqualified from winning.

Each week will have a 6-­‐day entry period where Instagram users can enter the contest with their #MyPlatinum Photo.  Here are the themes and the entry period:

Week 1: My Platinum Plate (Entry Period: 6/3-6/9)

  • Show us your best dish styled from the sparkling plate up!

Week 2: My Platinum Bite (Entry Period: 6/10-6/16)

  • Show us your best bite and most creative use of sparkling silverware!

Week 3: My Platinum Clink (Entry: 6/17-6/23)

  • Show us how you serve up creative concoctions in sparkling glasses. Cheers!

Week 4: My Platinum Table (Entry Period: 6/24-6/30)

  • Show us your sparkling tablescape for your most special celebrations!

Grand Prize Winner (Entry: 6/3-6/30)

Be sure to visit Cascade and Cascade on Facebook for more information on Cascade Platnium Pacs. To enter the #MyPlatinum Instagram contest click here.

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  1. says

    I love these! All it took was trying them out and I won’t go back to the old packs. My dishes are cleaner and brighter, without the occasional spots.

  2. says

    My dishwasher has been run about five times ever, eek, I know it’s terrible, but we have well water and I hate how it leaves the inside of the dishwasher stained, so I don’t bother with it (and that’s with a water softener). But I do like the idea of these packs. If I become a regular user of the dishwasher, I’ll def. get them. They’re pretty too. :)

  3. vickie couturier says

    ive heard these were really good havent tried them yet,,im glad they help clean the washer an the dishes

  4. says

    I am actually headed to Target this am and I am going to pick these up and give them a try. I use Cascade now but I use the liquid. Thanks!

  5. Karen Glatt says

    I have a stockpile of Cascade dishwashing detergent, and I have not used these yet, but I like the idea of not having to prewash dishes. I must try these to see if they really work.

  6. Janet W. says

    I’ve never used the Pacs before but I’d love to try them. I’ve been using liquid Cascade for many, many years now and still love it.

  7. Sandy VanHoey says

    We love cascade but haven’t tried these yet as we still have some of their original left but these will be next.

  8. shelly peterson says

    These sound great! I dont have a dishwasher but if I did I would for sure give these a try.

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