Harry Potter Viktor Krum’s Wand Anything But Magical


Oh, I am so over Harry Potter. Aren’t you? Unfortunately, items like this wand are still around taunting little 8 year olds!

Not that you care about Harry Potter wands, but here is a bit of trivia. The wand of Viktor Krum is 10¼” hornbeam wood, with a dragon heartstring core.  Yawn.

What do you suppose this piece of rubber costs? $5.99?, $9.99 with free shipping?

$30 for this rubber wand.

With just a five minute walk in the woods, I could find a cool stick that looked way more like Viktor Krum’s wand At least it would be a piece of wood, LIKE THE ORIGINAL.

So, yeah, for that price, I figure this wand should be capable of some serious magic. But ok, it IS made of rubber, so surely it will stand up to some 8 year old abuse? Right?!

Ryan had wanted this wand for a while. But considering the $30 price tag, he was shot down a couple of times. Last weekend Mr. ants-in-his-pants sat through a long orientation and a funeral in a very hot and stuffy church, all in the same day. We figured he was due for a little something for his good behavior.

Grant took the boys back to That’s Entertainment, where they sell comic books and figures – stuff boys love.

Ryan spotted the magical wand on the shelf and they both spotted the $20 price tag. Well, Grant couldn’t resist. Here was the wand at $20, a savings of $10. Plus, for once in his little life, Ryan knew what he wanted.

Well, I wish I could tell you that when the wand arrived magical things started to happen around the house, but quite the contrary.

Ryan took his new wand to school to show his friends. On the way home, on the bus he showed a friend, telling him, “Look, it’s made of rubber, so it won’t break.” Picture two boys bending the hell out of this wand. His friend took the challenge seriously and snapped that sucker right in half.

From what I understand, Ryan was very upset with his friend. And according to Ryan, his friend did say he was sorry, and that “$20 is cheap. You can buy an new one.”

Oh, no. The eight year old friend didn’t just say that did he? (and this is one of his friends that I like.)

Back at home that afternoon, James had the glue gun going and made a temporary rubber wand fix.Funny thing here is that I was so busy on the computer, I realized he had the glue gun out, because it was in my way, but had no idea what he was doing with it.

Grant came home soon after and was sitting on the couch. James was playing with the wand and OOPS! His glue gun repair gave way, and it broke in the same spot.

As soon as Grant realized what was going on. He. was. furious!

That wand was broken – the toy that Ryan just had to have was destroyed in only about 24 hours time.  It was a new Ryan record!  The yelling ensued and the tears began to flow.  Technically it wasn’t Ryan that broke it, I know. But that seemed to be irrelevant at the time. It was not pretty.

There was a quick recovery, I am glad to report. Ryan felt so bad, he scribbled a little note of apology to Grant and put his own money in the note under Grant’s pillow. It really was touching. I told him “That is nice Ryan, but Dad won’t keep your money.” So he took out all but one dollar to see if Grant would take it.

Later that night Ryan said, “You’re right mom. Dad didn’t take my dollar.”

By the time the next 24 hours had rolled along,  the wand had not only disappeared (Grant hid it somewhere.) It seemed to disappear from everyone’s mind as well, you know, like magic!





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  1. says

    That’s a bummer. You would hope that you would “get what you pay for” but in this case it appears that it only applied to the name, not the quality.

  2. says

    Aww, that is a huge bummer! I would be so mad if one of my son’s friends broke it. I am ballsy, though and I totally would have called the other mom and asked her to pay for it.

  3. Janet W. says

    Doesn’t sound like the best quality, and wow that’s expensive for a stick!

  4. says

    Yeah, walk in the woods would be a much better use of your time too! and $30 for a stick of rubber…that is very expensive.

  5. says

    Oh my, lots of drama over a stick, LOL. I guess there is a lesson learned in all of this and you will have to ask your son what that is.

  6. says

    That is a bummer that happened! (I am also over Harry Potter…bleh) It is so frustrating that the younger generation (not all of course) thinks that parents can just replace what has been broken. I would contact the company on that “great” wand.

  7. vickie couturier says

    gosh,im so glad you posted this,my soon to be 8yr old grandson has begging for this thing,for sure wont buy it now

  8. Sarah L says

    Take him out in the woods to find a neater stick to make a wand out of. Movie spin-off stuff is usually very poor quality and inflated prices.

  9. shelly peterson says

    So sad that he finally got his magic wand to only have it broke the next day. But I guess that stuff does happen. I’m always tellin my son not to take that kind of stuff to school or out with the neighbor hood kids but they gotta show off their new stuff :)

  10. Sarah L says

    I think stickers make good movie things – they don’t break and are usually cheap.

  11. Sunnymay says

    I agree that they don’t many toys that will withstand years of use nowadays. My dad used to be the Mr. Fixer-Upper for toys and my kids thought he could fix anything and he usually figured out a way to make it better and stronger. I felt like he ran a doll and car hospital for toys.

  12. Sherri Lewis says

    Isn’t that the way it always goes?? They have to have something and then if they get it, they either immediately break it or lose interest in it……

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