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Finding Kind

Finding Kind is an independent film produced by Molly Thompson and directed, written and produced by Lauren Parsakien. Lauren and Molly are best friends who had both experienced bullying by other girls in middle school and high school.

Having experienced bullying first-hand, Lauren grew up well aware of how cruel females can be to each other. She also recognized that society glamorized, mocked and accepted the “mean girl” phenomenon. She and Molly were compelled to bring attention to the severity of girls bullying girls in the United States by traveling across the country speaking at schools and to groups of young girls about it.

The best friends received sponsorship by Toyota, acquired a cameraman and set out on a road trip traveling from the west coast to the east coast and back, visiting several schools and groups of girls along the way.

Finding Kind Review

I really enjoy documentaries and independent films, so I had a feeling that I would like this documentary. I also have two young boys in grade school, so bullying is always in the back of my mind.

This Finding Kind movement that Lauren and Molly started is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Bullying needs to be talked about and taken seriously. Despite the seriousness of the message the two friends manage to have a lot of fun along the way.

I found myself tearing up as I watched young girls describing how other girls (some who they thought were their friends) started rumors about them, called them nasty names, betrayed them and so on.

It got me to think about my own experience in high school and how lucky I was. I went to a Catholic High School and I wore an ugly plaid skirt, white shirt and blue or green sweater every day. All the girls essentially looked the same. I understand it’s cosmetic, but I think that had a huge effect on how the girls treated each other. We were all the same. There is something to be said for uniforms in my opinion. If there was any bullying that went on in my high school class, I didn’t know about it. (Of course it was a Catholic high school, that may have helped too.)

At one point Lauren and Molly asked a group of girls to write apologizes to each other. As they read them aloud to one another, the tears just flowed. This act of kindness was so powerful in getting the conversation started and getting the girls to start thinking about how hurtful their words and actions can really be.

I loved the group of women friends that was interviewed. Two women had been friends since they were five years old. When one friend made a new friend, it was very important that the new friend become friends with the other friend. In other words, everyone in the group was friends. If something happened to one friend, the other friends were supportive. I was left wanting to be a part of such a loving, supportive group. This was a wonderful example of how friends should treat each other.

I recommend young girls and their parents sit down together and watch this. Finding Kind should be seen by all – not just those who have been bullied but by those who have done the bullying.

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    I like that so much attention is being given to bullying. Awareness lends itself to validity, which then allows for something to really be done. This sounds like a really cool project they got to own!


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