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This post is not sponsored – just sharing a fun event.

Before I get to the Wachusett Brewery Tour that we took this past Friday evening, I just want to mention this tour was made possible by co race directors Nikki Maselli and Michael Mattson from Aubuchon.com. They organized the 5K Run/Walk event called Music For Life Rock ‘n Run that we attended last weekend. Grant, a couple of friends and I ran that race. Check out that post here.

Wachusett Brewery is a local sponsor at the event and plenty of their great beer was served at the Music for Life concert which followed the run/walk.  (Are you with me so far?)

The additional Wachusett Brewing Company Tour was a special VIP treat for those who participated in the race. What a treat it was!



Prior to the actual tour, we were able to sample several of the different types of Wachusett Beers. Here is a nice display of beers and  some of the grains that are used in the brewing process. All of Wachusett beers are strictly ales. Ales are brewed from malted barley using a warm-fermentation with a strain of brewers’ yeast.


Wachusett Brewery was founded in 1993, by three friends, Ned, Kevin and Quinny. They developed a “significant appreciation” for beer while attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

wachusettfoundersPhoto courtesy of http://www.wachusettbrew.com/

I have to admit this, when I drink a beer or two, I usually have a light beer that comes in a can. I typically find these specialty brews to be too high in calories and too bitter. I was very surprised at how much I really like the Wachusett Summer – it is so light with a great flavor. The Wachusett Blueberry has a unique flavor with a just hint of blueberry, not sweet.   My friend Kathy loves the Blueberry too. Grant’s love for Wachusett beers has no bounds, but if he had to pick a favorite, it would be the Wachusett Monsta, named after the Green Monster and sold at Fenway park. Go Red Sox!

Suffice it to say, this was not a typical 2 oz. beer tasting, we were able to try as many samples as was required to determine if we really liked the beer or not….(giggling). There was a nice spread of sandwiches, salads and snacks for guests as we sampled the different beers. Photos of the runners and walkers flashed on a large screen at the front of the room- a great touch!


On to the tour! Our tour guide gave us a brief history of the brewery and walked us through the brewing, cellaring and packaging processes.

The brewery purchased an old coke canning machine (pictured below) so that they could start canning their beers. This innovative investment has allowed them to actually can for other brewers.


Our tour guide  was drinking Wachusett Light Ale – which is actually the first light ale in the country with reduced calories and alcohol. She was sipping her glass of ale for the entire tour. It works for her because she can conduct these tours without “getting rocked”.  I will be trying this one too. (I don’t think it was on tap for this event.) brewerycollage

Water is one of the few very important ingredients used to make beer. The water used for brewing at Wachusett is ultra pure water from the Westminster reservoir.

After the tour, a band played while we sampled yet more beer!



Thank you Nikki (in blue) and Mike (plaid shirt) from Aubuchon for organizing these great events. They are passionate about this Music for Life/ Rock and Run event, which benefits Juveline Diabetes. They are tireless too. They are already working on next year’s event.  Guess we should start training too.

Please note – Wachusett Brewery offers tours to their guests free of charge. However, voluntary contributions are welcome with all proceeds being donated to the Westminster Benefit Fund, a local charity helping families in need for over 19 years. (Another great reason to love the Wachusett Brewery!) 

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  1. says

    I think it would give a whole different perspective and appreciation for beer. I’m learning the wine game, but I’ve yet to delve into the differences between beers. This was fascinating to me!

  2. says

    Oh wow, what an awesome tour….and as many samples as you wanted, huh? LOL. I actually had a Wachusett Blueberry on Friday night and it was awesome. One of these days, I am going to have to drag Chris to this….although, I probably won’t have to drag too hard :)

  3. Karen Glatt says

    They had a tour where you get to try different flavors of beer with food. How nice to give food on your tour, and this Brewery looks like such a great place to visit. Blueberry beer is a new one that I have not heard of. That is nice that they have a charity that helps others. Nice looking owners and a friendly place to visit!

  4. says

    “Grant’s love for Wachusett beers has no bounds,” lolol!! My husband likes a good quality beer too. I haven’t seen these here, but I bet they’re over in my son’s area (DC)? The coke canning machine was an awesome idea. Glad you had a nice tour!

  5. shelly peterson says

    What fun you guys must of had! I’m not much of a beer drinker but I would still have a lot of fun on this tour with friends, the food and the band

  6. Maryann D. says

    This looks like a fun an interesting tour. It would be great to see how ale is processed. What a super event and the photos are terrific too!

  7. says

    oh my husband would have loved that tour,,an its really not that far from where we live in VT..this would be one tour I wouldn’t have to beg him to go too,lol

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