How Do You Organize Emails?

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I have three separate email accounts that I check every day several times a day and they are all a mess.  Why three accounts? I used one for Ebay and Pay Pal, one for communication with my sons’ school and one for my blog. Do I need to have three? Not really.

I started to organize my Gmail account by using folders and color coding and then I just gave up.  I must just like getting a lot of emails and then deleting them. I just tick them off, one by one, delete, delete, delete.

Well, I am trying something different.  With the site, I’ve found it’s a snap to get my emails organized.

Just visit and select your email. They support Gmail, Google Apps., Yahoo and are working on AOL. Next you log onto your email account (while in and their program goes to work organizing your inbox all within the site.

I selected the option to manage my subscriptions with a rollup. The rollup is a digest that gives you an overview of all the subscriptions you receive each day. This keeps your inbox clean by organizing the subscriptions.  You will receive a single email with all the subscriptions at the time you chose.  While you are in the process of organizing, you are able to just go down the line and unsubscribe with just one click.

The email subscriptions are automatically organized into categories like shopping, lifestyle, and social. You have the option of changing those categories as well. You may also decide you want to add some of those emails back into your inbox verses the daily rollup. It’s very user friendly. I added my Yahoo account and I only have 5 subscriptions that will appear in one daily rollup email. My Gmail account is next. Maybe there is hope for me yet.

How Do You Organize Emails?  If you try, let me know what you think!






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  1. says

    I also have three accounts. One for junk, one for all my blog stuff and then my personal email. I use Gmail, so I organize the actual emails into folders at each email account. I’m much to set in my ways now to do it any other way LOL.

  2. vickie couturier says

    I have 2 accounts ,an I dont have a clue how I could handle anymore,its hard for me to keep up with them

  3. says

    I have three e-mail accounts, it’s ridiculous to check them all, and annoying, but I haven’t found one I like the best, so I haven’t bothered to consolidate yet. I may try Thank you for the heads up on a much needed item.

  4. Ari says

    I have 2 accounts and so far the one that keeps me on my toes, I’ve been able to sort of keep it under control by using filters and archiving. Of course I always have those moments, kind of like the missing sock syndrome, where I lose e-mails to that endless internet void and I just can’t track them down, but most of the time I’ve been able to manage to keep everything sorted thoroughly. I’ll definitely have to check out though, because I can always use more simplicity!

  5. Karen Glatt says

    I have two email accounts. One for Paypal and personal emails and I must have my email account that I use for all my Bloggers that I follow and enter giveaways. I do not really need anything else for my emails, but I can see where this program can really help organize emails. I will have to look into

  6. Blessie Nelson says

    Wow. Never knew such user friendly sites to sort out my junk mails are there. Thanks for the heads up!

  7. Sherri Lewis says

    I have about 20 folders and as I go through the emails any that I am not ready to read right now (for example coupons… I won’t look at those until I am making out my grocery list) I put straight into their folder. It is still a work in progress, but it seems to be going well so far

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