Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery Discbound Customizable Notebook Review


Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery offers everything you need, from color-coded, textured, and metallic labels to stylish journals and notebooks. Organize your desk with accessories, sticky notes, and tags. With Martha Stewart, Avery, and Staples, you’ll find a beautiful array of products that are innovative, practical, and unique.  I received the Discbound textured customizable notebook for this review.


Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery Discbound Customizable Notebook Review

The size of this notebook is 6 1/2 x 9 in. It is large enough to be functional and small enough to fit inside my tote bag or purse to come along with me. With the disk notebook, it is easy to add, remove and rearrange either the existing pages, plastic dividers and task pad pages. These items are punched and ready to pop right into the notebook – no need to open, close and fight with binders.

Even with the digital age of keeping calendars in Google, I still like to keep a planner as well, that includes calendar pages. This notebook is customizable with 2013 calendar pages available by week or by month. I prefer the monthly pages for planning. For example, when I take my son to his first Orthodontist appointment (gasp!) I can quickly take out this notebook and jot down the date of his next appointment and later update the Google calendar at my leisure.

The task pad is perfect for a quick grocery list. I can jot items down and pop my list in front and center for quick reference. The plastic divider is perfect to hold a couple of coupons, a recipe or whatever other documents I may need to refer to.

I’ve dedicated a few sections of my planner: one to keep track of my blogging schedule, another to jot down an occasional recipe and one for each child so that I can organize their changing sports and band schedules.

Last year’s monthly planner was semi-functional, but too big to be portable – it stayed in my drawer. It’s nice to have this customizable notebook with calendar.  It’s so functional and portable.


About this Notebook

Martha Stewart Home Office™ with Avery™ Discbound Customizable Notebook 10051, Black, Textured, 6-1/2″ x 9″

Product Number: 10051

With its elegant textured cover, this Discbound notebook adds a touch of style to your everyday organization. Personalize with accessories like task pads, calendar pages, pockets, and dividers. As your needs change, this customizable notebook makes it easy to reorganize, add, or remove pages.
  • Contains 60 sheets of narrow-ruled paper
  • Includes one clear storage pocket
  • Convenient inside flap holds loose papers and business cards
  • Coordinating elastic band closure keeps contents secure
  • Includes 11 pages of Martha Stewart bonus content, plus a four-year reference calendar and a special dates section

Buy It

The Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery DiscBound notebooks are available through Staples. These are currently on sale (from 1/13 – 1/19) so don’t miss it! Click here to find a retailer near you.

I received this Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery notebook from Avery Office Products and it’s partner, Red Sky PR. The views and opinions expressed in this blog are purely my own. This post is not endorsed, sponsored or has any connection to Twitter, Facebook or any other network. This post is solely the property of Moms Own Words.

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  1. says

    I could definiltey use something like this to help keep my thoughts organized. I usually carry a small notebook in my purse anyways because I find that if I don’t write stuff down, it usually never ends up happening LOL.

  2. Karen Glatt says

    I like Martha Stewart Home Office items. They look so pretty and functional. I would like to get a few of these items to have. I like the Notebook with the calender.

  3. Monica ward says

    Thanks for sharing, great idea to write down first and then transfer to digital, I always do the opposite and most of the times i forget to write it down. Great help!

  4. Janet W. says

    I would love to have a planner like this! I find myself writing a ton of sticky notes, but I can keep my tasks organized in this!

  5. Jeanine says

    This notebook has what is needed to make a really great planner. Martha Stewart makes some really great organizing stuff, doesn’t she?

  6. Jeanine Hansen says

    I just received my Martha Stewart Discbound notebook. I ordered the smaller size (6-1/2″ x 9″) and I love it! However, it came with only one clear pocket, and I would like to order more of these. I can find the larger size at Staples, but nowhere can I find the smaller size. Any suggestions anyone?

  7. Maryann D. says

    Martha Stewart and Avery make great office products. I do like many of Martha Stewart’s product also, she has a great selection.

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