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Have you ever tried VitaMuffins before? Perhaps you’ve had a VitaTop? They are a delicious chocolate treat that has only about 100 calories. They come in packages of 4 each and cost $3.99 per box. That’s pretty expensive at $1.00 per muffin, when you’ve got a muffin a day habit like I do!

I had been meaning to find a copy cat recipe online and I found this one and made a couple of small changes.

These are really good! The recipe makes 18 muffins and each one has a Pointsplus value of 3.

Please note – These freeze well. It’s best to use the aluminum cupcake tin liners, because they tend to stick to the paper liners. I have thrown the aluminum lined muffins in the microwave and they were fine. (When I put two together, I almost had a small fire.) Next time I am going to try to to just spray the muffin tins and hope they pop right out!







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  1. says

    I do love the VitaMuffins that you got me hooked on, so I will definitley have to give these a try. Not that the ones I buy are bad, because they’re NOT, but I love homemade and I love that this recipe is a Weight Watchers one!!

  2. says

    What a good idea. I like those muffins with the huge granules of sugar on top… man, I haven’t thought of those in years! these look good. :)

  3. Karen Glatt says

    Another awesome recipe! I am going to pin this recipe! It looks like very healthy muffins! I like muffins and I am going to get the ingredients to make these this week. Thanks for posting!

  4. Alana says

    I’m about to make these but I have a couple of questions first. Am I using white vinegar or white balsalmic? Also, Trader Joes has Natural Toasted Oat Bran by their cereal section. I could not find Bob’s so I wonder if you think the TJ Oat Bran will work ok? One more thing, did you weigh the gram weight of the total batter and divide it by 18 to keep each portion accurate?

  5. kristi maloney says

    Hi Alana,

    I would use the white vinegar. Also, Trader Joe’s Oat Bran (I am assuming this is their cereal similar to the Bob’s) is perfectly fine. As far as weighing the batter, no, I eyeballed it and tried to fill up the muffin tins as equally as possible. Good luck with it. Let me know how these come out.

    Another point, these tend to stick to the paper wrappers. The metal ones work best – and yes I will put them in the microwave. I have yet to try just spraying the tins w/o the liners – which I think is the best bet. Perhaps even a dusting of the oat bran on the sprayed tins would help to keep the muffins from sticking.

  6. Alana says

    I made them and they are FANTASTIC! Husband approved! The worst part is weighing the bowl without ingredients, weighing the bowl with all ingredients added, subtracting the gram weight of the bowl, dividing the remaining gram weight batter number by 18, tarring the scale with the muffin pan on top, pouring 43 grams of batter into each muffin well and tare, pour, tare, pour, tare, etc., the the same with the chocolate chips at 6 grams per muffin, and on and on but I KNOW for certain that the cal count is identical in each muffin! Honestly, I think these suckers are tastier than Vita Tops – even when I figure the time spent over money spent, these are worth the trouble! Love ’em! I shall try a version with PB2 instead of Cocoa and let you know how they come out. … Unless you’ve already made a peanut butter version?

  7. kristi maloney says

    Hey Alana! That is fantastic. I really love them too. As a homemade muffin, I think they do taste better than Vitamuffins. What a cool idea to add PB2! I really love chocolate so much, it will always top my list. I have never tried the PB2, but let me know how they come out.
    Congrats. on your weight loss! You look fantastic!

  8. shelly peterson says

    We love muffins in my home and love chocolate. I have never made home made muffins before but would like to give this recipe a try, they look yummy!

  9. Maryann D. says

    I have tried VitaMuffins and I would like to purchase them for the convenience, however they are too pricy for me, so I don’t buy them often. I do like Bob’s Red Mill High Fiber Oat Bran Cereal and use their products a lot. I would like to try this and I would even use stevia in the recipe also.

  10. nicole dziedzic says

    I love the Vita muffins, but they can be a little pricey if they are not on sale, great recipe!


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