Easy Fruit Smoothie Recipe Weight Watchers 8 PointsPlus

Fruit Smoothie Weight Watchers After returning from our trip to Disney, I sat here last Tuesday just disgusted about my weight. You know you are in trouble when your big pants are getting too tight. (I refuse to go up yet another size.)

So, I joined Weight Watchers online, AGAIN. I keep seeing those ads where Jennifer Hudson says, …”Because it works!”

Yeah, I suppose if you stick to any weight loss plan,  it will work – the trouble is sticking to it. Am I right? I am happy to report, however, that I just about made it through one week, and I’ve followed the program now consistently for seven whole days and lost about 3 pounds. (The first week is always easy for me.)

Anyway, I came up with my own smoothie recipe (I’m sure this is a dup. somewhere, but honestly, I threw these items in the blender.) If you follow the Weight Watchers points program, this smoothie is actually 8 PointsPlus. I corrected this from  an incorrect count of 2 PointsPlus. I added this recipe in the Weight Watchers recipe builder and it is 8 PointsPlus. Fruit in recipes must be counted.

For everyone else, it’s a healthy, low-fat, homemade treat full of potassium, calcium and vitamin C just to name few! Be sure to check out my other post about blueberries and their link to weight loss.


How about you? Have you tried the new Weight Watchers Points Plus? Be the first to comment.

Stay tuned for my Weight Watchers One Pot Cookbook review and giveaway.

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  1. says

    Costco has awesome Greek yogurt – it’s not Chobani but it is out of this world. Love your smoothie – I make a similar one sans the strawberries and add powdered greens. Way to go on the WW!

  2. Debra Jacobs says

    Congrats on your weight loss! I’m in the same boat. I’ve got clothes from size 8 to 18 in my closets. I plan to try your recipe soon. Another option to increase the protein & nutrition without calories is adding chia seeds (or chia jell).

  3. says

    This sounds so yummy! I’ve done WW in the past and love it. Right now I’m doing a form of WW with the meals at night and in the morning. Let’s hoping a good number down this week.

  4. says

    This sounds fantastic. For some reason, which I still have yet to figure out, out of the 5 of us in the house, I am the only one that likes smoothies. Go figure?

  5. Donna B. says

    I’m always soooo sleepy in the afternoons, I bet something like this would give me the boost of energy I need to finish out the work day.

  6. Rebecca Parsons says

    I’m not real fond of the Texture of Greek yogurt, but I think in a smoothie it would be ok. I’m going to try it instead of regular and light yogurt.

  7. says

    Hi there,

    Are you sure this is the correct amount of Weight Watchers Points Plus for your smoothie? I added it up in the recipe builder and it came out to 8 points, not 2.

    I guess my question is, don’t you have to track for fruit if it’s in a recipe?



  8. kristi maloney says

    Hi Stephanie!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog to comment. Here’s the deal on the “counting fruit for points in recipes”. I understand that the folks at WW do that. However,
    I have counted these smoothies as 2 points for several weeks now and I’ve lost 20 lbs. In other words, I am still losing weight despite only counting those as 2 points and for me, that’s all that counts!! Fruit is free as far as I am concerned and I do eat a lot of fruit.

  9. RachW says

    Stephanie. You are RIGHT about the fruit. You need to count your fruit as points. Someone who has a ton of weight to lose is going to lose weight if they don’t count their points because they have changed their eating habits for the better. However the closer you get to your goal you will see that you will stop losing or start gaining or that matter. I wasn’t counting fruit and wondering why I couldn’t lose any weight. I am Very active in the gym and run 20 miles a week. I have started counting my fruit as calories and have started losing weight again.
    When I plugged in my fruit as points I was eating over 30 points a day. YIKES!!!!


  10. kristi maloney says

    I want to thank Stephanie and Rachel for bringing the up the issue of counting fruit or not. In recipes fruit should be counted. I plugged this recipe into the recipe builder and it is 8 PointsPlus. Use 1/2 for only 4 points.

  11. Jeffrey says

    Looks yummy! We make smoothies a lot in the summer with the fruits and vegetables from our garden. I add veggies like carrots and spinach to the kids shakes without them even knowing since they give me such a hard time at dinner. I’ve used Greek yogurt and frozen yogurt.

  12. Aneesa says

    I have been browsing your recipes and am loving them. This smoothie looks delicious. Will have to give it a try.

  13. Karen says

    I just joined WW two weeks ago and i put all this in and get 2 points. Fruit = 0, skim milk 1, yogurt 1……

  14. Sherri Lewis says

    I am not a breakfast person, so I just fix a smoothie every morning so I don’t have to take my medicine on an empty stomach. So quick and easy…. :)

  15. cathy says

    I added a little squirt of simple truth organic honey and it made this smoothie amazing. Its crazy how long a small amount of honey can go.

  16. Rosie says

    I haven’t tried weight watchers plus or otherwise, but I would like to. I love this smoothie, it does look soo good, I want to make it!!!


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