Our Family Christmas Card and Funny Family Christmas Cards

This is our very first family Christmas Card ever! (Thanks to Shutterfly for the inspiration, Oh, you’ll know why it is our first when you check out our past family photo disasters!)

The funniest thing about this card? We are standing in front of Grant’s cousin Michelle’s nursery – Lakeview Nursery, look at all those beautiful Christmas trees! Yet sadly, we’ve had an artificial tree for about four years.  Oh, and you know the debate about white lights verses colored? We’ve had so many strands burn out on our piece of junk tree, that it’s a mass of burnt out lights, whites, and colored!


And now, for the best Family Photo that honestly should have made it onto a Christmas card……..


Here we are in 2005, just one big happy family! Forget about Ryan’s obvious distress, James’ pants aren’t even on all the way!  See his diaper? I should have sent this one into Ellen.

But wait, if you think mine was bad, get a load of these!





Aren’t these the best expressions ever? Imagine getting this card in the mail! This is what Ryan would have done, had he known what it meant!

What about your family? Do you take family photos for your Christmas Cards?

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

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  1. says

    Great Christmas cards! :) It brings back a lot of memories. We didn’t do any family Christmas cards, but we did a few of the boys alone. I remember how hard it was to get them both to smile at the same time.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Maryann D. says

    I love looking at everyones photo Christmas Cards. I received some really adorable ones this year. I especially love when they put their little animals in the photo too! My daughter loves to visit Awkward Family Photos, it is so funny! I think your 2005 Photo is so cute!! I like to take photo Christmas cards and try to add my parents in the photo as well for our relatives. Happy Holidays!

  3. says

    Your card is adorable… but the 2005 one will really bring back memories for a long time. We have a similar ‘crying’ picture of my daughter sitting on Santa’s lap.

  4. kristi maloney says

    Thanks to everyone who stopped by to comment! Merry Christmas and have a happy, healthy 2012!

  5. Schmidty says

    Oh, those cards are great! And your family photo is wonderful! Merry Christmas to you and yours! :)

  6. trishden says

    Oh this years Christmas card came out great! The rest are hilarious. Thanks for the laugh. Have a blessed new year.

  7. Gladys Parker says

    Your photo cards turned out very nicely! When my children were young we couldn’t afford photo cards so I bought a 10 pack of Christmas cards and that was our one time a year we had our pictures taken at K-Mart. I’d put a photo in each and we’d hand deliver them with cookies and sing a few carols at their doorstep. The extra pictures were “amusing” lol
    Gladys P
    sps1113 at yahoo dot com

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