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I have to admit, I haven’t bothered to cut too many coupons lately. I don’t scour the Internet for savings. I think this stuff takes too much time – and it just doesn’t seem to be in my blood. It’s a shame too because a lot of the bloggers like Deal Seeking Mom, Frugal Coupon Living,  and Mommy Savers and not only kicking ass saving money but they have built some terrific blogs in the process.

Oh I’ve tried. On more than one occasion, I’ve taken those precious coupon inserts, set up my folders and filed them. I waited with baited breath for one of the blog posts, or data bases or community forums to tell me that, Yoplait is on sale at Market Basket! Use that $1.00 off 2 coupon this week! I’m not sure what happened but that notification never came, and my coupon came and went.  On other occasions, I would get the word to use my $2 off Yoplait Coupon and I would find my Jan. issue of Smart Source – there it was neatly filed in the Jan. inserts, and then WHAT? No coupon? It says Jan. insert, it says Smart Source. What happened here? Where did I go wrong? Is this an East Coast West Coast thing?

Well, my spending has gotten a tad out of control, if I don’t start embracing frugal living, by using coupons for example, I am going to find myself scanning them as a cashier at my local grocery store. (This is if they would hire me.)  I’ve been surfing the net for some money saving tips, some budgeting advice and I am not giving up on coupons!  Anyway, here is what I have come up to get started.

First of all, I’ve found Deb Sutherland over at Frugal Living and Having Fun. She is from the New England area, so chances are I will get the same East-coast deals that she does. She posts the deals at Market Basket and gives the coupon challenged like myself a beautiful link to printable coupons. How can I go wrong? Thank you Deb Sutherland for what you do. I can’t wait to start printing – this I can handle! For those of you who don’t shop at Market Basket, Deb includes the other big grocery store chains like Shaws, Stop and Shop and everybody’s fav. Walmart. Deals at these stores are just the tip of the iceberg, at Deb’s blog, I not only found printable coupons, but coupon codes, links to free samples and other great money-saving deals.

I did mention the nasty B word. Budget.  Crunching the numbers. I imagine myself hunched over my computer like Mr. Scrooge counting my Internet dollars as I do my Internet banking. Ah but the time has come.

Another great resource that I found is called Better Budgeting.

Michelle Jones is the founder and publishing editor over at Better Budgeting. Better Budgeting offers tips and advice on Budgeting, Credit Cards, Getting Out of Debt, Frugal Family Fun, Frugal Recipes and Crafts, Groceries, Budget Friendly  Decorating,  Gardening and even Work-at-Home Business Ideas.

I printed this basic budgeting worksheet Courtesy of Better Budgeting to get me started. That’s the easy part, now I have to fill this thing in.

What are some of your favorite resources for saving money, living frugally and within a budget?

I encourage you to link up your blogs here and help the frugally challenged like me! Let me help spread the word about these great resources!

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  1. says

    I can’t seem to do the couponing thing very well. I’m not consistent and I’m not organized enough. Nor am I disciplined. Geez, I’m a giant mess!

  2. says

    Great post, Kristi! I’ve gone through periods of using coupons but eventually I lose interest or simply don’t make the time to keep up with it. It’s kind of crazy isn’t it?

  3. kristi maloney says


    One thing I find is that places like Market Basket already have low prices. The prices on their store brand items can’t be beat. I buy a lot of store brand stuff and save already. So I think the rule is buy stuff with coupons when the stuff is on sale or just buy the store brand whenever available to save money.

  4. lisa says

    Thanks for visiting my site and great post! Lots of great information here. I am a coupon freak. I love getting coupons online.

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