Wordless Wednesday All About the Bass #WW


Grant bought a bass and amp on Amazon. (It's his early birthday present.) We are trying to see if Ryan might be interested in playing it. But it's James who tends to pick it up and play it more. So, for the moment, it's "all about the bass". :) An InLinkz Link-up … {Read More}

Pest Sentry Indoor Bug Zapper Review


I love the sounds of summer - the gentle hum of the lawnmower, the melodic chirping of the birds, the sizzling of the grill and I can't forget the ZAP of those mosquitoes in the bug zapper! The house where I grew up was located in a wooded area that was full of May flies and mosquitoes. My father always had a bug zapper hanging from our deck. So, yes, (as morbid as it is) it is one of my sounds of summer. I was happy to have the opportunity to review Pest Sentry Indoor Bug Zapper to get rid of … {Read More}

Saturday Giveaway Linky Link Your Giveaways 5/21


Please link up your giveaways below. Check out mine and enter a couple while you are here! My Giveaways Ends 5/25 - McDonald's $25 Gift Card Ends 6/1 - The Book of Joan Audio Book Ends 6/2 - Miu Color Backpack Ends 6/3 - Christie Brinkley's Recapture 360 Night Beauty Treatment Ends 6/8- Dr John's Xylitol Sweetened Candy 2 Winners   … {Read More}

Modern or Traditional, Family is What You make It #StreamTeam


While it's true that the once traditional “nuclear” family has evolved into a kaleidoscope of possibilities—start with parents (maybe two dads, a single mom, or a stay at home dad…), add step or adopted siblings, and a side of grandparents and you've got a modern family! As far as my family is concerned, we would be considered a traditional "nuclear" family and I am proud of that. Grant and I have been married for 17 years. Grant works full time and I stay home with the kids. (I work part time … {Read More}

Wordless Wednesday Off to Nature’s Classroom Again #WW


Ryan is spending a week in Freedom, NH at Nature's Classroom Camp Cody with the fifth grade classes - 89 students. He left Monday and will return on Friday. This is his first time away from family for this many nights. We already miss him - but what a wonderful experience I know he is having right now. (I went to Nature's  Classroom many years ago with my fifth grade class. ) I can't wait to hear all of his stories on Friday! It was just two years ago that James was off to Nature's … {Read More}

Dr. John’s Xylitol sweetened Candy Giveaway and Review 6/8 2 Winners


I received these products to facilitate this review. Opinions expressed are my own. Dr John's candies are naturally sweetened with USA Birch Xylitol, and are made without artificial dyes. These candies are perfect for families looking to avoid artificial sweeteners and artificial colorings. I received the popular Inspired Sweets® Ultimate Sweets Collection® that includes lollipops, hard candies, and caramels. Two Moms Own Words readers will win a 1 lb. bag of Dr. John's Lollipops and … {Read More}

Saturday Giveaway Linky Link Your Giveaway 5/16


Please link up your giveaways below. Check out mine and enter a couple while you are here! My Giveaways Ends 5/15 - JLuxe by JLo New Perfume by Jennifer Lopez Ends 5/18 - Silk Plants Direct $80 Gift Card Ends 5/25 - McDonald's $25 Gift Card Ends 6/1 - The Book of Joan Audio Book Ends 6/2 - Miu Color Backpack Ends 6/3 - Christie Brinkley's Recapture 360 Night Beauty Treatment … {Read More}

LTD Commodities Swinging Chair Hammocks, Wind Chime & Garden Statue Review


LTD Commodities has just about everything you need to make your home beautiful this summer both inside and out. Whether you need to perk up your home decor with a fresh new style or you want to refresh your garden with ornaments and planters, shop LTD for quality products at the lowest prices. I received a gift card from LTD Commodities to purchase a few items for the purpose of this review. Swinging Chair Hammocks These chair hammocks sold onlne at LTD Commodities quickly caught my eye. We … {Read More}

Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare HSN May 14 Plus Giveaway! 6/3


Mark your calendar now to tune into HSN on May 14th where Christie Brinkley will be back to share the details behind her new skincare collection – Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare! This breakthrough product line addresses multiple signs of aging and contains products that are formulated to help defend against Infrared damage. 54% of the rays that reach the earth are Infrared rays, and this breakthrough product line is among the first in the US to defend against damage from Infrared … {Read More}

Wordless Wednesday Killer Snake Captured! #WW


We found him while raking leaves. You may all return outside. This fierce killer has been captured! An InLinkz Link-up … {Read More}

Miu Color Packable Lightweight Backpack Giveaway and Review 6/2


MIU COLOR pursues a life that is pure, simple, comfortable, and environmentally friendly.They provide a large range of products, from home, to travel, and clothing. I had the opportunity to check out the Miu Color Packable Lightweight Backpack and one Moms Own Words reader will win their own Miu Color Backpack! Miu Color Backpack Review The first thing that I liked about this backpack is that it is lightweight and portable. As you can see above, when you fold the backpack, it zips up into it's … {Read More}

The Book of Joan (Rivers) Audiobook Read by Melissa Rivers Giveaway 6/1


"I've had so much plastic surgery, when I die they will donate my body to Tupperware." -Joan Rivers Joan Rivers had an amazing career and her controversial death was completely unexpected. She died way too soon. There is no better day than Mother's day for this feature. Joan and Melissa Rivers had one of the most celebrated mother-daughter relationships of all time.   During her 55 years as a comedian, she became a pioneer in contemporary stand-up comedy. "Her tough-talking style of … {Read More}